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The Facts
NAME: Green Table Café

Green Table Café


Green Table Café is an all-vegan Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, serving organic and mostly raw dishes.

Opened by the husband-and-wife team behind Real Raw Vegan – an online community devoted to helping people eat healthy – Green Table Café shows how a plant-based diet can suit any lifestyle and satisfy any taste palate.

The Spot:

This vegan eatery occupies a space on Pico Boulevard in Mid-City, and it’s one of the best new places to eat in Central L.A. Its convenient location puts it a short drive away from the Ponte Ristorante in Beverly Grove and Terra Cotta in Koreatown.

The Food:

Green Table Café keeps things simple, but each dish showcases unique, high-quality ingredients. Choose from superfood bowls, salads, burgers and paninis. All bowls are made with a French vanilla almond granola; the colorful, enticing array will likely be the first thing on the menu to catch your eye. The Spring Time Mint, for example, contains acai berries, banana, chocolate-mint-infused almond milk, almond butter and dark chocolate. The Love & Sunshine combines banana, almond butter, turmeric, cayenne, goji berries, bee pollen and maple syrup.

If you’re looking for a heavier meal, you can’t go wrong with the signature burger. It’s made with a falafel patty, breaded zucchini, roasted red bell pepper, sun-dried tomato and mixed greens. Even after all that, you might be tempted to try one of their vegan desserts, like the apple ginger cinnamon cake.

The Drinks:

You’ll find four categories of beverages at Green Table Café: juices, smoothies, elixir shots and espresso drinks. Some of the juices are filling enough to replace a meal, like the “Treat Me Well,” made with almond milk, orange juice, hemp seeds, bee pollen, banana and dragon fruit. Others are designed to provide health benefits, like the “purifying and energizing” Sweet Green.

The smoothies are packed with even more healthy ingredients and essential nutrients. They can also be personalized with add-ons like granola, avocado, dark chocolate, chia seeds, maple syrup, almond butter and more.  The elixir shots are just what they sound like: a quick boost to the system. The Immune Builder, for one, contains coconut water, probiotics and lemon, while the Che Buono consists of concentrated cranberry extract, aloe vera and coconut water.

If you’d rather stick to the coffee drinks, you’ll find that even old favorites like cappuccinos, iced mochas and chai lattes can be improved with the addition of raw almond milk from Renew Juicery.

The Damage:

Food ranges from $9-13. Coffee drinks cost $2.50-6 and elixir shots are $3. For a 16-ounce juice, you’ll pay $10, while smoothes are about $9.

In a Nutshell:

Green Table Café appeals to anyone who appreciates good food. Its delicious, aesthetically pleasing dishes make it accessible even to those experimenting with vegan cuisine for the very first time. And long-time vegans will be happy with the wide selection and the quality of the food. This café provides a much-needed boost to an otherwise low-key neighborhood.

Words by Brittany B.

The Facts
NAME: Green Table Café


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